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Is Vansah a Jira Testing Tool?

Vansah is a Native Jira Test Management app. Installed directly from the Atlassian Marketplace, Vansah provides enterprise level testing capabilities right within Jira.

How did Vansah start?

Vansah came to existence when Testpoint a trusted Australian technology company with over 15 years experience, provided an end-to-end testing framework for  manual and automated software testing to help its customers.

It has since evolved to become a Jira Cloud Native application available in the Atlassian Marketplace for Jira Cloud and Confluence.

Is Vansah for Free?

Yes Vansah is FREE with no limitations for Jira Teams with up to 10 workspace users. Pricing is based on Jira’s pricing structure. Head to the Atlassian Marketplace for all up-to-date pricing and breakdown.

Vansah comes with a 30-day trial.

What security measures are in place for Vansah?

Our team follows proven industry best practices achieving a high level of security and monitoring in our application code.

Vansah is also an Atlassian Cloud Fortified App and has always been part of the Atlassian bug bounty program for security testing across the application.

To ensure a high code quality, we employ regular code reviews, revision control and change management. We also maintain our own secure framework as part of our stack to limit third-party dependencies and to manage critical code in a central place.

All access to data within Vansah is governed by access rights and user authentication. Operations and customer service policies follow many industries best practices, limiting access to customer data.