Writing Test Cases in Plain Text Format

Plain Text Format is a straightforward approach for users who prefer simplicity and ease of use. This format allows you to write your Test Cases in a clear and concise plain text format.

To write Test Case script in Plan Text format

1. Open the given Test Case.

2. Go to the Test Script Tab.

3. The default Script Type view for Test Cases is Multi Steps. This is indicated by the Multi Steps button in the right-hand side.

4. Click on the Multi Steps button to see more options for Test Script type.

5. Select Plain Text.

You will see a confirmation message ‘Test Script Type updated’.

A Plain Text box will be displayed below for you to begin writing your Test Script.

You can add free text to the Plain Text Test Script box as well as insert images as desired. The Test Cases that have Plain Text as Test Script will be presented with the Plain Text icon in the Vansah Board.

When executing a Test Case that has been created with Plain Text as Test Script, the Test Run will display two columns i.e. Step and Actual Result.

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