Viewing Test Case History

All major changes made to a Test Case are recorded and can be viewed under ‘History’ within the Test Case.

To view the History for a Test Case

1. Open a given Test Case and click the three-dot icon in the top right. 

2. Click History option from the list of given options.

For each of the events recorded into the Test Case History you can see: Timestamp, Duration from the current Date and Time, name of Event and the name of the user responsible.

The following events can be viewed under Test Case > History

1. Created Test Case

2. Test Case Assignee updated

3. Test Case Type updated

4. Test Case Priority updated

5. Added Test Step (#)

6. Updated Test Step (#)

7. Removed Test Step (#)

8. Deleted Test Case

9. Restored Test Case

10. Added Attachment

11. Test Case Label updated

12. Test Case description updated

Note: Contract and collapse the dropdown arrow to see the latest event in History.

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