View the Test Properties of a Test Run

Whenever a Test Case is executed in Vansah, it automatically records its relevant Test Properties. These properties comprise details such as Jira Version, Jira Sprint, Test Environment, Tested By, Tested Date, Issue or Test Folder Tested and Latest Test Result.

To access these Test Properties, you can open the Test Run in which the Test Case was executed, and the information will be readily available at the top of the page.

The Test Properties for a Test Run can be viewed by hovering over the Test Case Run Status. This will display the information as described above.

The tool tip is a small window that appears when the mouse cursor is hovered over the Test Run status. It makes it easier for users to understand the latest Test Run properties without having to open the Test Run itself. This feature can be particularly useful for those who are involved in software testing and need to keep track of the latest test results and properties.

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