Vansah Support All Jira Languages

When using Atlassian products, you have the option to choose your preferred language from your Atlassian account. Regardless of the language selected or chosen by your Jira product Administrator, Vansah will now automatically be displayed in the language which has been set or selected.  

Follow the steps below to change your language in Jira:

  1. Go to your avatar, then select Profile
  2. Select Manage your account
  3. Select Account preferences
  4. From Language, select your language from the dropdown options available. 

Example (French)

If we change our Language to French and then navigate back to Jira you can see Jira will be displayed in the French Language. This will also be the case for Vansah Test Management app.


Example (Chinese)

Again lets suppose a user had Chinese as the default language. Both Jira and Vansah will now be displayed in Chinese.


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