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Vansah for Jira – November 2023 Release

In this exciting release, Vansah brings you impactful features to elevate your Testing experience.

Experience, Multi-Language support, Integration of mapped Jira Custom Fields and introduction of Mandatory Field enabling users to easily toggle preferences.

Enjoy a versatile and user-friendly testing environment with Vansah’s latest release!

Latest features introduced in this Release

We now offer Multi-Language support for Vansah. Enjoy a seamless experience in your preferred language!

Introducing the integration of mapped Jira Custom fields within the Vansah Grid and filters for enhanced visibility and filtering capabilities

Incorporate a new column to facilitate the enabling or disabling of the mandatory field option, providing enhanced flexibility in configuration

Defects resolved in this Release

VFJTM-3012        Areas yet to be translated identified and incorporated success/failure messages for a comprehensive and informative language localization experience
VFJTM-3022 Introducing the integration of mapped Jira Custom Fields within Gadget filters for an enriched and customizable filtering experience
VFJTM-3028 When there is no linked case for a folder, a new ‘Create Test Case’ page now appears after the report
VFJTM-3032 When no fields exist, ensure a clear and readable presentation by adding a space between text and numbers in other fields

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