Vansah For Jira – June 2024 Release

Release Date: 13th of June 2024

New Features

Advanced Test Plan Introduced 

  • You can manage requirements within the Test Plan (Jira issues  and Test Folders) for testing by changing the position, including the test execution order for each Test Case available within the requirement. (read more)

Test Case Version Management

The introduction of Test Case versioning provides the flexibility to create and maintain multiple versions of the same Test, offering the following key capabilities:

    • Milestone Marking: Easily mark specific milestones of the Test with versions, allowing for precise tracking of Test case progress and changes.
    • Version History: Access and review all previous Test versions, with the ability to revert to a specific version when necessary, ensuring comprehensive Test Case management and traceability.
    • Parallel Execution: Simultaneously maintain multiple active versions of different Test Types, enabling independent and efficient execution of diverse Test Cases

Jira Custom Field support

The Jira System Fields can be configured directly into your Test Cases with Vansah (read more)

Test Case comments 

Comments allow your team to collaborate and communicate about the Test Case, including feedback, suggestions, and updates (read more)

Test Cases Rank/Position ordering

Order Test Cases in Test Folders and Jira issues based on ranking/position number (read more)

Ability to Clone Test Folders to any Jira project

Cloning Test Folders allows you to reuse an existing Test Folder with all related sub folders and Test Cases. 

This saves time and effort as you don’t have to recreate the same Test Folder from scratch. (read more)

File and Video embedding

Allow user to upload Video Files and other File Types with preview embedded in Test Case and Test Run window (read more)

Upcoming Features

ETA:  17/06/2024

For our June release we have also included some new features which are expected to be available shortly after. We expect the following new features to be available on the 17th of June 2024. 

Please keep a look out for:

New improved Test Case History

(Full details of Test Case fields which have been modified)

Ability to order and save Test Folders 

User can order Test Folders based on a preferred position. Currently Test Folders are organised by name within the parent folder.

Ability to view the Latest Test result of a Test Case

View the Latest Test result of a Test Case regardless of where it was last Tested from. (Example: If a Test Case was Last tested in a Jira Issue and you are viewing the Test Case from a Test Folder you will be able to toggle to view the latest result of the Test Case)

Ability to raise a bug from the test grid 

Without having to open the associated Test Run page. Currently a user will need to open a Test Run page and click to link or create a bug against the Test Log. With the new change a user will see the bug icon from the grid to trigger the new defect option as you would from the Test Run page)


  1. Enhancements on Issue Traceability summary Gadget. Include In-Progress and Overall Test Case count is now displayed. (read more)
  2. Allow users to edit AI Test Case Scenarios using inline heading edit function before generating the complete Test Case details
  3. Improve Traceability Gadgets to also report on Linked and Child issues
  4. Vansah Intelligence (AI) – Allow a user to stop generating test case headlines using a STOP option.
  5. Test Data field in Test Cases can now accept all file attachments
  6. Disable Jira notifications for Vansah’s Jira Workflow Validator (previously all Issue watchers and assignee would be notified each time Vansah updates the Jira Issue with a Test Case result) 

Bug Fixes

  1. Resolved issues with AI model training that previously led to a small percentage of irrelevant Test Case suggestions.
  2. /run API was not working for Automated Tests where Jira had more than 100 active projects
  3. Test Case filters UX problems
  4. Jira Dashboard Vansah Gadgets were not displaying Test Case headline correctly
  5. Vansah API Token Screen now displays correct end-point URL based on users Data Residency pinned location
  6. Support Multi-lingual response for Vansah Intelligence (AI). Generate Test Cases based on users Jira language profile.
  7. Bulk Action now allows users to Clone multiple Test Cases at a time
  8. Improve Test Run UI screen to display Defect, Actual Result and Attachment option
  9. Test Data Field was missing on screen during a Test Run
  10. Test Run page UI problems impacted due to certain data type
  11. (UX) – Test Folder Highlight remains when a user has selected Test Repository
  12. Test Script Type revision change not allowing a user to update during a Test Run
  13. Globally Blocked Test Cases linked to Test Folders in multiple projects cannot be unblocked
  14. Blank screen occasionally occurs from the Jira Issue screen when generating Test Cases using Vansah Intelligence (AI)
  15. Importing Test Cases with Linked Issues results in no Jira Issue found error
  16. Clicking on History tab from the Test Case screen does not respond outside of Main Test Case tab
  17. Dragging Test Cases to new positions in Planned Test Runs,  is not ordering the positions correctly
  18. Planned Test Run, dragging test cases to new positions was not working correctly impacting Test Case positions
  19. After editing a test case during test execution, validation error prevents user updating the test to the latest version.

Known Issues

No critical issues known at the time of this release.

Upgrade Information

  1. Navigate to your Apps Menu
  2. Click on Manage Your Apps
  3. Expand Vansah Test Management for Jira
  4. If an upgrade is available you will see a message to click Upgrade
  5. Wait for the upgrade process to complete
  6. Once the upgrade is complete, you will now be ready to use the latest features


If you encounter any issues or require assistance, our dedicated support team is available to help. Contact us through the support portal or email us at [email protected].


We thank our user community for their invaluable feedback and continued support, which has been instrumental in shaping this release.

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