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Vansah for Jira – June 2023 Release

Our latest release introduces powerful features to enhance testing efficiency, flexibility, and control. 

Key features include automated assignee selection for planned test runs, smart step saving, efficient user unassignment, comprehensive test grid, seamless Jira issue integration, improved readability, enhanced permission validation, flexible test case blocking, traceability gadgets for Confluence, actual result inclusion, convenient test run details printing, effortless block/unblock status, and flexible planned test runs. 

These features aim to streamline testing processes, boost efficiency, and provide deeper insights for improved testing workflows and user experiences.

During the creation of a Planned Test Run, the Assignee will now be automatically selected from the Asset for a more streamlined process

When adding a new step without saving the current one, a reminder message will appear, prompting user to save the current step before proceeding

Now you have the ability to unassign users in Test Cases efficiently using the Bulk Update feature

You can now add Test Folders to the Test Grid for a more comprehensive Testing view

Open a Jira Issue seamlessly during Test Case Execution for enhanced efficiency

We’ve adjusted the width of the Headline column to support up to 20 characters for improved readability!

Granting the ‘Delete Issue’ permission now enables validation of a user’s ability to import Test Cases and Test Case Results

You can now Block a Test Case against a Test Folder, gaining enhanced control and flexibility in your Testing process

We’ve introduced a new Gadget, the Test Folder Traceability Matrix, for tracking Test Folders

A new Gadget, the Test Folder Traceability Summary, has been introduced to effortlessly monitor Test Folders

Now, during bulk extraction of Test Cases, the Actual Result column is included for a more comprehensive analysis

Now you can print Miscellaneous Test Run details for a convenient reference.

You can now Bulk Update the Block or Unblock status with ease.

Introducing the new Gadget Test Folder Traceability Matrix for Confluence providing efficient traceability

Introducing the new Gadget Test Folder Traceability Summary for Confluence, providing a comprehensive summary of Traceability for enhanced Testing insights.

A blocked Test Case can now be included as part of a Planned Test Run, offering increased flexibility in your testing workflow

Introducing drill-down functionality for Blocked Test Cases across all Gadgets. Dive deeper into your Testing details for enhanced insights and control

We’ve added a Tooltip to provide more information on blocked Test Cases. Now, get additional details at a glance for improved visibility and understanding.

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