Vansah For Jira – July 2024 Release

OPEN Release Date: 1st of July 2024

Whats New

  1. Import Test Cycles from Zephyr Scale into Vansah. You can now export Zephyr Scale Test Cycles as JSON format and import into Vansah using the following API Using the API you will be able to create your Test Folders, Test Cycles including Test Results along with all Test properties from Zephyr.  
  2. As part of Release Version 1.3.12-AC  available on 10th of July 2024, we now have updated Data Residency Locations.
    "US": "*Default, New York"     
    "AU": "Australia" "EU": "Europe" "DE": "Germany" "GB": "London"
  3. View Test Scripts and Manage Test Run directly within the Test Case. Read More

Bug Fixes

  1. VANS-1655 – Fixing an infinite  loader which would occur while executing Test Cases in a Planned Test Run.
  2. VANS-1637 – Handling more than 10k Labels from Jira. Vansah was not returning all Jira Labels if the total number was greater than 10,000.  
  3. VANS-1015 – Import Test Cases encoding format issue causing some characters to be corrupted on import. 
  4. VANS-1009 – Clone Test Folder along with Test Cases – Fixed issues with Cloning or Copying Test Cases within Folders. Read More
  5. VANS-1472 – Bulk Update process taking longer than normal to complete Test Case updates

Known Issues

No critical issues known at the time of this release.

Upgrade Information

  1. Not required. Vansah will automatically update.


If you encounter any issues or require assistance, our dedicated support team is available to help. Contact us through the support portal or email us at [email protected].


We thank our user community for their invaluable feedback and continued support, which has been instrumental in shaping this release.

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