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Vansah for Jira – January 2024 Release

We are pleased to announce the latest update to Vansah Test Management For Jira now supporting Jira Workflow Validators.

This version introduces an exciting new integration with Vansah Test Management for Jira, designed to enhance your advanced workflow management by incorporating Test Case results as part of your validation criteria.

Latest features introduced in this Release

New Features

  • Test Case Result Validation: Jira Workflow transitions can now be conditioned based on the results of Test Cases. This ensures that issues or features are not moved to certain statuses unless the related test cases have passed or met the specified criteria.
  • Seamless Integration: Vansah Test Management for Jira is seamlessly integrated with the workflow validators, providing a smooth and efficient way to enforce quality gates.
  • Customizable Conditions: Users can define specific Test Case result conditions that must be satisfied, giving teams the power to customize their workflows according to their unique quality assurance processes.

Bug Fixes:

  • General Fixes: Various minor bugs and performance issues have been addressed to improve overall stability and functionality.


If you encounter any issues or require assistance, our dedicated support team is available to help. Contact us through the support portal or email us at [email protected].


We thank our user community for their invaluable feedback and continued support, which has been instrumental in shaping this release.

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