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Using the C# Binding for Automation Testing

Vansah’s API is designed to facilitate the integration of Vansah with a wide range of tools, automation, and development frameworks, including third-party applications.

One such integration option is the .NET Vansah C# Binding, which enables automation projects using .NET and C#.

For instance, a commonly used tool in this context is Selenium, which can be utilized alongside (.NET C#).

Tools and Languages



Step 1

Include VansahNode.cs into your Project directory


Step 2

Configure VansahNode.cs file and paste your vansah connect token here Generate Vansah Connect Token


Step 3

Provide your Jira Issue Key, Test Case Key and the result as per the below snippet

? Note :

The Test Case must be Linked to an Asset such as Jira Issue Key or TestFolder Identifier for which you want to send the Test Results.

        public void TestCase1()
          VansahNode execute = new VansahNode();

            //Provide your Jira Issue Key

                //Provide Your Test Case Key and Result 
                //n/a, failed, passed, untested
                execute.AddQuickTestFromJiraIssue("Test-C1", "passed");
            catch (Exception ex)
                //Provide Your Test Case Key and Result 
                //n/a, failed, passed, untested
                execute.AddQuickTestFromJiraIssue("Test-C1", "failed");


Step 4

Run your Tests


Step 5

Check your Jira instance for the issue related to the run


Available Functions

Add Quick Test

AddQuickTestFromJiraIssue(string testCase, string result);
AddQuickTestFromTestFolders(string testCase, string result);  
To create a test run without logging the results to each of the test steps

Add Tests

//To Create a Test Run Identifier
AddTestRunFromJiraIssue(string testCase);
AddTestRunFromTestFolder(string testCase); 

//Add Test Log to each step
AddTestLog(string result, string comment, int testStepRow, bool sendScreenShot, IWebDriver driver);

//To Update the Test Log
UpdateTestLog(string result, string comment, bool sendScreenShot, IWebDriver driver);

//To Remove the Current Test Log

//To Remove the Current Test Run
Follow Above functions to add Test results to each of your Test Steps of the Test Case

Add Test Properties

//To Set the TestFolder as an Asset
SetTestFolders_Id(string testFolders_Id);

//To Set the Jira Issue as an Asset
SetJira_Issue_Key(string jira_Issue_Key);

//To Set the Sprint in the Test Run Properties
SetSprint_Name(string sprint_Name);

//To Set the Version/Release in the Test Run Properties
SetRelease_Name(string release_Name);

//To Set the Environment in the Test Run Properties
SetEnvironment_Name(string environment_Name);
Above functions are use to declare the Asset and Test Properties

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