API Overview

Vansah’s API is HTTP-based and can used from any framework, programming language and tool. Submitting data to Vansah via the API is done via simple POST requests.

Requesting data is done through GET requests. All requests and responses use the JSON format and UTF-8 encoding.

Vansah’s API is HTTP-based and you can use simple HTTP requests to interact with it. All written requests must use the HTTP POST method, and all read requests must use the HTTP GET method. Data is transferred in the JSON format and UTF-8 encoding.

To access the API Collection please visit : API Doc (Postman Collection)


Vansah expects an authorization token to be provided for all API’s.


API tokens can be generated from your Vansah app settings found within your Jira Workspace.

API tokens can be generated and revoked at any time.

More Information: Tutorial API Framework

Error Codes

10XX : Main App Errors
‘1000’: ‘App Server Error, please contact the admin’
‘1001’: ‘Missing Headers’
‘1002’: ‘Missing Parameters’
‘1003’: ‘Invalid offset or limit’
‘1004’: ‘Invalid Locale’
‘1005’: ‘Invalid Timezone’
‘1006’: ‘You exceeded the limit of requests per minute

11XX : Http Errors
‘1101’: ‘Unauthorized’
‘1102’: ‘Not authorized to access’
‘1103’: ‘Un-processable Entity’
‘1104’: ‘Authentication Failed’
‘1105’: ‘Not Found’

12XX : Auth Erorrs
‘1201’: ‘Your session is expired, please login again’ # Token expired
‘1202’: ‘Your sessions is invalid’ # verification error
‘1203’: ‘Your sessions is invalid’ # Error encountered while decoding token
‘1204’: ‘Your sessions token is invalid’ # Invalid token
‘1205’: ‘You are Unauthorized, Please login’ # You are Unauthorized, Please login
‘1206’: ‘Authentication Error, User Not found’ # Authentication Error, User Not found
‘1207’: ‘User token not authorized for workspace”

13XX : Session Errors
‘1301’: ‘Invalid Session or Token’
‘1302’: ‘Invalid Login Type’
‘1303’: ‘Invalid Social Type’
‘1304’: ‘Authentication Error’
‘1305’: ‘You Account is disabled by the admin.’
‘1306’: ‘Invalid details.’
‘1307’: ‘Wrong confirmation code! Try again.’
‘1308’: ‘Invalid token’
‘1309’: ‘Duplicate data found.’
‘1310’: ‘Your request is invalid.’
‘1311’: ‘You are not authorized to access this app’
‘1312’: ‘link has expired’
‘1312’: ‘token has expired’
‘1313’: ‘API Token Rate Limit reached’

Rate Limit

API Rate Limits: 500 hits per min for each token applies.

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