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Vansah API Binding

Vansah’s Programming Binding allows for seamless integration of automated testing tools or frameworks to effortlessly send Test Case results to your Jira workspace.

Vansah currently offers a binding for Java and C# programming languages, providing essential features for authenticating API requests and managing test results within your Jira workspace.

This simplifies the process of integrating automated tests and ensures a hassle-free experience for test management.

The API Binding for Java and C# allows users to:

  • Authenticate API requests seamlessly.
  • Read and write Test Results to your Jira workspace.
  • Simplify the process of integrating automated tests.

By utilizing Vansah’s API Binding, users can efficiently manage and integrate automated tests while ensuring a seamless experience for Test Management within their Jira workspace.

The source code for the binding can be found in GitHub below:

Language Main Instructions
C# (.NET) Vansah-C#-Binding Installation
Java Vansah-Java-Binding Installation


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