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Toggle to wrap Test Case headline within a Jira Issue Screen

Being able to toggle between wrapping the Test Case headline or viewing a shortened single line headline is an important feature Testers need when managing Testing against a Jira Issue.

There is no doubt long headlines that are wrapped can sometimes feel like they take up significant screen space however this extra headline information can be beneficial and is much easier to view the full Test Case headline to have control over the information.

This is why Vansah users have a choice to view the Test Case headline as a single line format or wrap the text to display the full length by wrapping the information to the next line.

Lets demonstrate how you can wrap the headline of your Test Cases inside a Jira Issue:


1-Open a Jira Issue and go to Vansah

2-If you see your Test Case headline displayed in a Single Line with 3 dots at the end of the Headline it means you have not wrapped the headline.

3-To switch between Single Line (Unwrapped) or Full Headline (Wrapped) you need to configure the Headline View for your Grid. To manage this setting Click on “Configure columns” option

4-Now find the Headline Column and de-select the option to wrap your headline.

5-Click Save

Now your Test Case Headline will always display the full length of the Test Case headline.

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