Test Summary Report Gadget

Vansah Test Summary Report provides a real-time report on your Overall Testing Status with detailed Execution Coverage, Pass rate and Fail rate across your Issues.

To add this Gadget to your Jira Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the desired Dashboard and click Edit from the top right corner, then search for Vansah Test Summary in the search bar below Add a Gadget in the right panel.
  2. Select the Test Summary Gadget by clicking Add.
  3. Now configure the report by selecting the filters to support your report.
  4. Click Save.

You can view the following Test Statuses within the Test Summary Report Gadget:

Overview: Enables you to view the breakdown of the total Planned, Completed, Outstanding, In Progress and Blocked Test Cases.

Fail Rate: Enables you to view the total Completed and In Progress Failed Test Cases.

Pass Rate: Enables you to view the total Completed and In Progress Passed Test Cases.

Coverage: Enables you to view the total of Completed and In Progress Executed Test Cases.

Test Run’s Issues: Enables you to view all the Issues (such as defects) raised along with their status and linked Test Case.

Configuration History

Click the three dots icon to view the Configuration History.

By selecting Configuration History, you will be able to view the older versions as well as the Configured Changes details. You can choose to restore previous versions using the Restore option.

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