Test Report Tab within a Jira Issue

Vansah offers a variety of Testing Gadgets for your Jira Dashboard that enable Test Reporting. While this accounts for a complete Test Reporting solution, it may not be ideal to go to the Dashboard each time you need to monitor your Testing progress or to have an overview of the Testing status on the go.

Vansah Test Management enables you to instantly view your Testing status using the Report Tab. It allows you to take a quick look at the overall Testing without having to switch to another screen. You can view the percentage rate of all the Passed, Failed, Passed in progress and Failed in progress Test Cases within your Jira Issue Report tab.

To view the Test Report for a Jira Issue follow the steps below:

1. Open your Jira Issue

2. Go to Vansah Test Management

3. Click on the Report Tab

You will be presented with the overall status for:

Passed, Failed, Passed in progress, and Failed in progress Test Cases against the Jira Issue.

2. You can view further details using the dropdown selections provided below

Note: You can find interactive Drilldown navigation points within the dropdown sections that allow users to navigate to specific subcategories of each section.

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