Test Folder Traceability Summary

The Test Folder Traceability Summary Gadget offers a comprehensive view of testing from the perspective of Test Folders. It provides valuable insights into testing across any number of Test Folders, reporting on key metrics such as test coverage, pass rate, fail rate, and Test Run Issues encountered during the test run.

The Test Folder Traceability Summary Gadget provides a detailed report on test coverage, as well as the number of Passed, Failed, Untested, and Test Run Issues raised.

Additionally, users can access metrics and view the affected test cases, all from this single gadget. This feature allows for easy execution of the test cases while monitoring their progress, making it a valuable tool for quality assurance and software development.

How to Use the Test Folder Traceability Summary Gadget?

Using the Test Folder Traceability Summary gadget involves the following steps:

  1. Open your Jira Dashboard
  2. Click Edit on the Dashboard
  3. In the Add a Gadget search for Test Folder Traceability Summary
  4. Click Add to include the Gadget on your Dashboard
  5. Click on Configure
  6. Select the Project. You can select Multiple Jira Projects if your Test Folders are across different Jira Projects
  7. Identify and Select the Test Folder/s for which you want to generate the Traceability Summary
  8. Click Save

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