Test Folder Traceability Matrix

The Test Folder Traceability Matrix Gadget generates a Test Case Traceability perspective, emphasizing Test Cases from a Test Folder viewpoint. The gadget presents Test Folders and their related Test Cases, along with Test Results and any Issues encountered during the Test Run.

Through this Traceability View, the Test Coverage for each Test Folder can be determined. Additionally, the Gadget can be customized to filter Test Cases based on Test Filters. Users can easily navigate to the Test Case and Test Result from this Test Gadget, making it a convenient project tool.

How to Use the Test Folder Traceability Matrix Gadget?

Using the Test Folder Traceability Matrix gadget involves the following steps:

  1. Open your Jira Dashboard
  2. Click Edit on the Dashboard
  3. In the Add a Gadget search for Test Folder Traceability Matrix
  4. Click Add to include the Gadget on your Dashboard
  5. Click on Configure
  6. Select the Project. You can select Multiple Jira Projects if your Test Folders are across different Jira Projects
  7. Identify and Select the Test Folder/s for which you want to generate the Traceability Matrix
  8. Click Save

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