Test Folder Path in Test Case export

The path of the Test Folder represents the hierarchical structure of each Test Folder linked to a Test Case. When you link a Test Case to a Test Folder in your Jira project repository, the exported Test Case file will contain all the Test Folders linked to the Test Case in a comma-delimited format under the “LINKED TEST FOLDERS” column.

The format for the Test Folder path starts with the Jira Project Key followed by the folder tree path.

For example:

TD/e2end test plan (release)/app testing/

This will represent: Project Key/folder_1/folder_2/

How to export Test Folder Path (Linked Test Folders)

Select the Test Cases to export.

Click on “More Options” in the top right hand section then select Export 

Now you should be able to select either option: 

1) Test Cases (All Fields for a Test Case apart from the Test Script) 

2) Test Cases and Test Script or

3) Test Cases, Test Script and Results

Select the File Type to export

Open the exported file and look for Linked Test Folders for the Test Case/s

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