Test Execution Report

The Test Execution report displays a stacked bar chart and data table consisting of the Number of Test cases executed as Passed/Failed Grouped by (Date, Sprint, Assignee, Issue, Priority, Label or Component)

Example Grouped by Date

To Add this Gadget to your Jira Dashboard


    1. Open the desired Dashboard and click Edit on the top right-hand corner.
    2. Search in Add a Gadget field and Select the ‘Test Execution’ Gadget by clicking Add.
    3. Now configure the report by selecting the Project, Reporting Type and other preferences.
    4. Click Save.
    5. Now view your report.
    6. You can hover over any specific category (Day in this example) to get more information.

    Click the three dots icon to see the following options.


    If you wish to export the entire Data to excel, simply click on the three dots icon below then click Export. The report will be downloaded into your browser.


    Configuration History

    By selecting Configuration History, you will be able to view the older versions as well as the Configured Changes details. You can choose to restore previous versions using this option.

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