Sort Test Cases from Vansah Test Grid

You can sort Test Cases from your Vansah Test Grid by clicking on the respective Headers.

By default, Test Cases will be sorted by the Test Case Headline (Summary)

To sort by any other Parameter, simply click on the respective Header and the Test Cases will be sorted as per the new preference.

This is applied to all the Column Headers in the available options. Hence any now columns added to the Test Grid will by default possess the Sorting feature.

Hovering the cursor over the Headers will display the order status (A->Z or Z->A). In order to switch between Ascending and Descending order, simply click the respective Header again.

An arrow is displayed next to the Header indicating the current Test Cases Sort category and position.

You can have additional columns by using the Configure columns option.

To include additional columns simply select the columns from the available options and click Save.

There are six default columns listed below:

1. Result

2. Script

3. Key

4. Headline

5. Type and

6. Priority

Other than these you can include the following columns into your Test Grid:

1. Assignee

2. Created By

3. Created Date

4. Updated By

5. Updated Date

6. Jira Issue (Linked)

7. Test Folders (Linked)

8. Component

9. Label

10. Test Run Key

11. Tested By

12. Tested Date

13. Test Run Issue

14. Test Run Attachment

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