Setting up your Vansah Testing Gadgets

Set up your gadgets to showcase the quality posture of your testing and quality assurance activities. Share with your team to keep everyone informed in real-time!

Vansah offers the following testing gadgets just to name a few, to help you get started.

  • Burnup Execution Report
  • Test Execution Report
  • Test Summary Report
  • Issue Traceability Matrix
  • Issue Traceability Summary

Before setting up the Gadgets you may have to create a new Dashboard for your Jira project.

To create a new dashboard, follow the steps below: 

1. Go to your Jira Dashboard at the top of the page and click Create dashboard.

2. A Create Dashboard pop up will appear. Fill in the required fields, select your preferences and click Save.

3. A new Dashboard will be created and opened in edit mode, with Add a Gadget section displayed in the right-hand-side.

To add and Configure Gadgets

1. Type the keyword Vansah into the ‘Search gadgets’ bar to find all the Vansah gadgets.

2. Click Add to add the gadget to the Dashboard.

Once the gadgets are added, you will need to configure each of the gadgets.

To Configure a Gadget

1. A newly added Gadget will have a Configure this Gadget button at the bottom. For existing gadgets, click the 3 dots icon on the top right of the gadget and click Configure.


2. Gadget settings will be presented for you to configure the gadget settings as per your requirement.

3. Set the required configuration and click Save.

4. Click Done to save and close the Dashboard.

Note: To add a new Gadget or to change the Gadget configuration settings, simply click Edit on the top right. The ‘Add Gadget’ Panel will appear on the right-hand side of the page for adding new Gadgets to your Dashboard.

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