Saved Filters for Test Cases

With Saved Filters feature, you can create and save Filters for all sorts of Test Cases to have a quick access anytime you want. This feature saves time and effort spent behind searching the relevant Test Cases each time you need them. You can create and save as many filters as you like and access them through different locations within Vansah.

Saved Filters can be created from the Vansah Board, Jira Issue screen or a Planned Test Run

To create and save Filters for Test Cases follow the steps below:

1. Open your set of Test Cases from any of the screens.

2. Select the Test Cases for which you wish to create a new Filter.

3. A new button Save Filter will appear above the Test Grid.


4. Click Save Filter button to set your Filter details in the pop-up form.

5. Click Save to save your new Filter.

You can also add more other categories to you Filters using More button above the Test Grid by following the Steps below:

1. Click More button to see categories.

2. Select your Filter categories.

3. Set the values required for each category.

4. Click ‘Save Filter’, add Name, Description and Viewer priority, then click Save to complete.

Note: Click the ‘Saved Filters’ icon anytime to view your Saved Filter from any of the screens.

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