Reuse Test Cases across Jira projects

When it comes to reusing Test Cases across Jira projects, there are a few approaches you can consider.

Test Case Cloning:

Vansah allows Test Case cloning or duplication. This feature enables you to clone Test Cases from one project to another, preserving the original Test Case while creating a new copy. Any necessary modifications or updates can then be made to the cloned Test Case/s to suit the requirements of the new project.

Test Case Export/Import:

If you have a large number of Test Cases that need to be reused across projects, you can consider exporting them from one project and importing them into another. Vansah provides import/export functionalities that allow you to transfer Test Cases between projects. However, it is important to ensure compatibility and mapping of fields between the source and target projects.

Test Case Linking:

Test Cases from a Jira project can be linked to any Jira Issue or Test Folder within the same or another project. This allows for better organization and traceability of Test Cases across different projects. By linking Test Cases to issues or Test Folders, you can establish relationships between the Test Cases and the relevant tasks, requirements, or bugs.

This enables teams to access and reuse Test Cases across multiple projects. The library can be organized into Test Folders, Labels, Components to facilitate easy search and retrieval of relevant Test Cases.

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