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Responsible Technology Principles

As Vansah is a marketplace app for Jira and Confluence, adhering to Responsible Technology Principles is crucial for ensuring the ethical and effective use of technology within its ecosystem. The following principles are designed to guide the development, deployment, and use of Vansah, promoting responsible and ethical technology practices:

  1. Empowerment through Ethical Technology Usage: Vansah is committed to empowering teams and users through the ethical and responsible use of technology. This involves prioritizing the development of features that add value for every team member, ensuring equitable distribution of benefits across teams, and managing the use of new technologies to contribute to growth, prosperity, and beneficial outcomes across society.

  2. Privacy-Centric Development: Vansah will incorporate privacy principles into the development and use of its technologies, embracing privacy by design and empowering users with choices around the use of data. The app will continue to build security into the fabric of its technologies and processes through a holistic approach based on industry best practices.

  3. Continuous Improvement and Accountability: Vansah acknowledges that responsible technology implementation is an ongoing journey. The app will continuously learn, iterate, and improve its technology practices in line with evolving principles and industry best practices. Vansah is committed to holding itself accountable for the commitments made in these principles and invites feedback and collaboration from stakeholders to further enhance its responsible technology framework.

By upholding these Responsible Technology Principles, Vansah is committed to ensuring that its technology serves as a tool for empowering teams, upholding ethical standards, and contributing to positive outcomes across its user community and society at large.

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