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Release Management Process

This information describes the tools utilised to manage the release process of our software/apps.

  • Jira: Bug tracking, release and service management
  • Vansah Test Management – Software Testing and Quality Assurance (Within Jira)
  • Github: Code repository, Continuous integration, testing, building, deploying

Every time a developer generates a ticket in our JIRA instance, a fresh branch is automatically created in our code repository based on the selected issue type. Once the bug is resolved or the new module is implemented, our Github Action initiates the compilation and testing of the code. If the process goes smoothly, the code is then deployed to the appropriate environment.

At Testpoint we have 3 different environments:

  • Development: Our development environment is utilized by all of our developers for testing new features and bug fixes.
  • Release Staging: Similar to our production environment, the release staging environment allows beta testers to access and test the new features before they are released to production.
  • Production: The production environment is where our app is deployed and made available to end-users. It is the live environment where the app operates.

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