Release – 1.2.05, 11th of Oct 2022

Key Highlights for this Release

  • Traceability – Improved traceability from the new Advanced Vansah Board Column Configuration, drilling down to Linked Issues, associated Test Run Issues, and Test Attachments
  • Reusability – Improved filtering for Test Cases on the Vansah Board and Issue Screen allowing for Saved Filter favourites available for private and public share
  • Experience – Improved Vansah Board with advanced Column Configuration including drag and drop features directly on Table Grid or Configuration Window


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Latest Features

VFJTM-1315 Ability to search for Jira Projects using lowercase and/or uppercase Search Criterion

VFJTM-1307 Ability to move Column Positions directly on the Vansah Board or via the Advanced Column Configuration screen

VFJTM-1306 Save Filters on the Vansah Board Screen

VFJTM-1292 Allow User to add more Columns on the Vansah Board using the Advanced Column Configuration popup

VFJTM-1207 Save Filters feature available via Issue Screen to search and organise Test Cases into Saved Filters for Private or Public Share


VFJTM-1376 Date Time conversion to User Timezone

VFJTM-1346 Vansah Dashboard Table header row

VFJTM-1344 Test Case Headline Tooltip added on the Vansah Board

VFJTM-1327 New projects User-Token generation

VFJTM-1319 Traceability Report fetches child items against all Issue Types

VFJTM-1314 Improved copy process for BI Link Test Gadgets

VFJTM-1312 File Attachment validation

VFJTM-1290 Introduced “Arrow” link to show Linked issues and Attachments Test Run Page

VFJTM-1162 Viewing Test Folders which are linked to a Test Case

VFJTM-967 Ability to create a Test Case in a different Jira Project from current Jira Project Issue

Defects fixed in this release

VFJTM-1609 New Instance Public key creation

VFJTM-1579 Test Case unlimited headline length

VFJTM-1549 Long Test Case headline displayed

VFJTM-1532 Full Test Case headline on Vansah Board and Issue Screen

VFJTM-1513 Test Execution Report Gadget load Drill-down links via Gadget Table

VFJTM-1406 Duplicate key in the same Jira Workspace is created

VFJTM-1390 Cloning a Test Case will automatically link the Test Case to a Linked Issue associated with a Foreign Project

VFJTM-1384 Tooltip for mouse hover on Test Folder selection in Test Summary Gadget

VFJTM-1383 Incorrect Test Result showing for Test Run Screen when loading Test Run from Gadget

VFJTM-1381 Tooltip for Test Case headline showing upon Mouse Hover on Test Run Screen

VFJTM-1368 “Tests Executed” count resolved in Vansah Burn-up Gadget

VFJTM-1366 Deletion of Test Cases when Test Folder is accessed from Vansah Test Summary Report

VFJTM-1356 Vansah Test Execution Report populate all bugs associated against group of failed Test Cases

VFJTM-1350 Test Script Run modified date maintained in Screen Footer without scrolling

VFJTM-1345 Moving Test Cases to Test Folder when accessed from Vansah Test Summary Report

VFJTM-1337 Planned Test Runs when parent Issue is deleted

VFJTM-1335 Searching for Assignee in Test Case view

VFJTM-1334 Search functionality on Issue Screen

VFJTM-1331 Vansah Board Table view columns

VFJTM-1330 Firefox render Test Case Steps with multiple rows in each cell

VFJTM-1326 Assignee not showing on the Vansah Board

VFJTM-1325 Extra space is introduced in Vansah Board settings

VFJTM-1323 Column Alignment

VFJTM-1322 Search Filter

VFJTM-1321 Sorting by result on Vansah Board

VFJTM-1311 Vansah Test Summary Report

VFJTM-1310 Not able to view Test Steps via Jira Epic Story view

VFJTM-1308 Saved Filters returning correct Test Results

VFJTM-1305 Jira Dashboard cloning

VFJTM-1303 Clone and Edit not opening newly created Test Case in new Screen for editing

VFJTM-1300 Improving UI/UX for options panel

VFJTM-1296 Importing Test Cases foreign Issue keys picked up by Test Summary & Test Execution Gadgets

VFJTM-1274 Jira Issue Screen for Sort functionality Order by “Script”

VFJTM-1261 Browser vertical scroll bar is appearing on Project Settings Screen

VFJTM-1260 Title Issues for Project Settings

VFJTM-1255 Show full Test Case Project Key

VFJTM-1229 Link Issues Screen displayed correctly when Screen is resized

VFJTM-1197 User is able to add Issue to the Test Step of the Test Run

VFJTM-1192 Test Case assignment

VFJTM-915 Fix scroll bar on Vansah Recycle Bin for Test Cases, Test Runs and Test Folders

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