Release -1.2.04, 20th of July 2022

Key Highlights for this Release

  • Traceability – Test Traceability Reporting on Jira Parent and Child Issues using Jira List, Saved Filters and Jira Query Language (JQL)
  • Reusability – Automatic association of Test Cases to multiple Jira Issues through Test Import and Test Creation across projects
  • Collaboration – Improved Testing Process Workflow through Test Case Search Filters
  • Experience – Improved User Experience with Saved Filters and Jira Query Language (JQL)


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Latest Features

VFJTM-1039 From a JIRA issue or FOLDER, when adding a new test case, have the OPTION to select which project to create against.

VFJTM-1164 Vansah BurnUp Execution options to configure Everyday or Weekdays only

VFJTM-1169 Ability to search for a Test Case in the ALL Cases TAB at Issue Screen and Folder View. Search by Assignee, Priority, Test Case ID, Test Case Headline, Result and/or Type

VFJTM-1173 Ability to Import Test Cases with linked issues to your Jira local or foreign projects, referencing issues from multiple projects

VFJTM-1177 Vansah Test Traceability Report

Generate your Vansah Test Traceability Report from Jira Gadget. Search for “Vansah – Test Traceability Report” then click to add to your Jira dashboard.

VFJTM-1306 Save Filters on the Vansah Board Screen

Start tracing your traceability between your Jira issues and Test artefacts using the Issue List, Saved Filters or Jira Query Language (JQL) options.

  • Test Traceability Report by Jira Issue List
  • Test Traceability Report by Jira Issue Saved Filters

VFJTM-1229 Inclusion of more FILTERS when LINKING existing Test Cases via Folder or Issue Screen


VFJTM-1243 API Jira Workspace Token for Test Automation APIs. Universal Token to access your Jira workspace

VFJTM-1252 Update Automation APIs

VFJTM-1256 Apply Workspace Token on BI Gadget Data Integration

VFJTM-1226 Project Dropdown on new Gadgets

Defects fixed in this release

VFJTM-1196 Quick Test disabled for Jira Issue Screen on BULK UPDATE when configured in Project Settings

VFJTM-1230 Create and Edit from Jira issue

VFJTM-1235 UX changes to Test Case Screen

VFJTM-1238 Total Case count excludes Untested Test Case results in Burnup Gadget

VFJTM-1240 Test Case keys consistent across Folder and Issue Screens

VFJTM-1241 Last Updated By resolved for Test Run Screen

VFJTM-1249 Filter Search order maintained and reflected in Test Traceability Report Gadget

VFJTM-1254 Case Identifiers showing in Notification

VFJTM-1264 Testing Traceability BI API returning correct type of data for BI users

VFJTM-1267 Deleting foreign Test Cases from Jira Issue Screen

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