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Release – 1.2.11, 3rd of November 2022

Key Highlights

This release is an update from our Major Release 1.2.5

Latest Features

Confluence App Support – In preparation for the new Vansah TM For Confluence to allow your Jira Vansah Testing Gadgets to be inserted and re-used in your Confluence pages. More Info

Issue Traceability Summary Gadget

The Traceability Summary Gadget generates a view into Testing from a Requirements (Jira Issue) perspective. You can now get details of Test Coverage, Pass Rate, Fail Rate and Test Run Issues from an Issue Traceability Report.

Introduce search option for Issue Traceability Gadgets


  • Join our Vansah Release Webinar on the 16th November 2022 at 5PM Eastern Standard Time
  • Learn how Vansah Test Management for Jira can work for your Team. Vansah Demo Registration now available for your Company & Team.

Defects fixed in this release

We are proud to announce that we have successfully resolved 275 defects before releasing our latest product. Special thanks to our team for their tireless work!

The following 8 defects were identified outside of our release and addressed.

Issue KeySummary
VFJTM-1714Assignee for testcase is not exported
VFJTM-1677Cloning JIRA Dashboard isn’t working with Vansah Gadgets
VFJTM-1375Timezone support for gadgets not working correctly

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