Release -1.2.01, 14th of April 2022

This major release (1.2.1-AC) has been focused on supporting “Reusable Test Cases” to improve maintainability, and redundancy between Test Cases in Jira projects. With this upgrade our users will be able to enjoy sharing Test Cases from a Jira Project to any accessible Jira Issue.

You can distinguish the Test Case based on the Project Key as a prefix.

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Latest Features

VFJTM-1011 Allow users to Link and execute test cases from any Jira Project

Ability to link cases from different project to a Jira Issue

Ability to link issues from different projects to a Test Case

Ability to link cases from different project to test folders

    Ability to execute linked cases across different Jira projects

    Ability to add test cases from different projects to a planned test run

    VFJTM-958 Test Folders can now be reported in Vansah Dashboard Gadgets

    • A Test Folder contains a group of Test Cases which are Tested as a cycle. Gadgets can now report on Test Folders.

    VFJTM-581 Include Recycle Bin within Vansah Board

    Vansah’s Recycle Bin is a ‘holding bay’ for deleted assets under each project in Jira.  Deleted assets will remain in Vansah for 6 Months, unless you delete them permanently from the Recycle Bin earlier.

    VFJTM-939 – Vansah Gadgets will display a refresh message for Gadgets when any properties/configuration have been updated.

    Security Updates

    VFJTM-952 Unauthorised (Non-admin) User can change All Configuration settings of app

    • Impact: A normal non-admin user with project level permission access could potentially change Vansah settings for the project they have access to.
    • Fix: Migrate project app settings to be controlled using Jira’s authentication to confirm user has Admin permissions.

    VFJTM-848 Export test case not handling all potential SQL injected POST request

    • Impact: This issue was resolved in December 2021 however we have included this ticket as reference to further fixes relating to SQL injection cases identified by our security team. We have reviewed API Logs and there has been no attempt of SQL Injection attacks. This means no data was compromised prior to a fix.
    • Fix: All possible SQL Injection characters are stripped from API Get requests. All API Parameters are now validated for expected valid inputs.

    VFJTM-1049 User whose Jira admin access has been revoked can change configuration settings of Vansah app

    • Impact: A user whose Jira admin access has been revoked can still change configuration settings of Vansah app. This only occurs if the user had maintained the Configuration screen window opened while their access was revoked.
    • Fix: Users are now verified prior to performing an update for the correct security permission.

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