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Release -1.1.38, 2nd of February 2022

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Release 1.1.38 is our first release for 2022 with some great new features, all thanks to our community suggestions.

Security Updates

Vansah received its Cloud Security Participant badge, which identifies Vansah Test Management for JIRA as an app that has undergone additional Atlassian security measures.

Latest Features

Test Folder Cycles now available in Vansah

Until recently, you were not able to create a Test Cycle in Vansah without a Jira Issue.

Using Vansah’s Test Folders allows you to structure and plan your test execution into Folders, forming your own Cycles. Required name to identify the folder as a Cycle/Regression/End to End/Automation/API… examples to suit your project team.

Grouping your Test Cases into Test Folders can be managed according to your own structure, by bringing Test Cases from other Test folders or even a set of test cases which were created from a Jira Issue.

This now completes the testing experience necessary to address teams where testing directly from a Jira Issue was not the only priority to be managed and supported.

The Key Changes

A Folder is now a collection of Test Cases that can be managed as a separate Test Cycle with the standard Vansah Tabs which most are familiar with when viewing from a Jira Issue.

Report Tab for a Test Cycle Folder provides a Report based on the Folder capturing

Under Test Runs you can view the Planned Test Runs which you can create against the Test Case Folder.

Manage Test Case positions in a Planned Test Run

A Planned Test Run consists of 1 or many Test Cases which can be tested against the Test Properties assigned to the plan. When you have more than 1 Test Case, you can now manage the Test Order (sequence) of how the Test Cases should be executed within the Plan.

Similar to a Test Script for a Test Case, you can select which position within the plan the Test Case should be in.

  • Hover of the Test Case within the Plan
  • Select “Change Position” to the right of the Test Case

Select the Position you would like to move the Test Case to

Now we will notice the Test Case (C8) will appear in the 8th position

Display Editor icon for a Test Case when a script is associated with the Test Case

A Test Case may contain a Test Script. A script will consist of ‘steps’ to describe how to verify the Test Case including the order to carry out the validation.

When a Test Case contains a Script, we now can easily identify this by looking for a Script icon that will appear next to the Test Case.

If you hover over the icon, a tool-top will be displayed to indicate the number of step/s which are available within the script

Admin users can create a new Test Type without going to project settings

A UX improvement to support users when creating a new Test Type without having to go into Project Settings. Simply type a Test Type and if it doesn’t exist you will be able to select Create.

Defect Fixes

VFJTM-805 Creating a test case from Jira issue isn’t appearing until the user refreshes the screen

VFJTM-755 Displaying wrong date format for the untested test case.

VFJTM-740 Importing Testcases isn’t linking the JIRA PRIORITY ID against the cases

VFJTM-724 Not able to navigate to Test Run screen from Jira Issue screen

VFJTM-695 Test Summary Report Gadget is duplicating the issues when filtering by issue and selecting by sprint which has the same issue

VFJTM-683 a user can link the same issue multiple times to a test log

VFJTM-677 exporting test cases from a planned run is exporting duplicate cases

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