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Release -1.1.37, 16th of December 2021

Get Vansah Test Management For Jira (Atlassian Marketplace)

New Features

VFJTM-627 Display Linked Issues in the Test Run Log with the ability to manage the issue

VFJTM-618 Import Test Case Results using a CSV file format

Security (Bug Bounty Program)

  • VFJTM-637 Improve XSS Handling
  • VFJTM-636 Improve IDOR Handling
  • VFJTM-628 Improve SQL injection Handling

Defect Fixes

  • VFJTM-687 Test execution for large scripts would not allow the user to continue after the 50th step.
  • VFJTM-660 Test Cases and Execution window isn’t loading at times (impacting users who would open multiple windows at the same time)
  • VFJTM-659 Uncaught Error shows up when the user configures a gadget by searching for a Jira issue before selecting a project
  • VFJTM-642 Unable to Accept Very Large Test Data Table copied from a Spreadsheet to a Test Step
  • VFJTM-621 Unable to upload Load attachments greater than 10 MB. (Resolved to support up to 500 Mb)

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