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Release -, 29th of November 2021

Get Vansah Test Management For Jira (Atlassian Marketplace)

New Features

  • VFJTM-612 New multi-select checkbox select option for all gadgets improving search by issue
  • VFJTM-593 Make writing test result to Jira Issue Activity a project setting based on Passed or Failed Results
  • VFJTM-580 Delete Test Cases using Bulk Update

Security (Bug Bounty Program)

  • VFJTM-637 Improve XSS Handling
  • VFJTM-636 Improve IDOR Handling
  • VFJTM-628 Improve SQL injection Handling

Defect Fixes

  • VFJTM-616 Burnup export to excel failing and requiring a sprint (now updated to make sprint optional)
  • VFJTM-613 Planned Testrun’s with no script would always be shown as in-progress even when completed
  • VFJTM-609 Burnup chart isn’t calculating the baseline when no sprint was selected
  • VFJTM-605 When searching by Assignee from Vansah Board returns blank
  • VFJTM-600 A deleted test case isn’t displaying correct response when viewing the Testrun
  • VFJTM-598 Non configured issues in gadget is losing the tool tip and assignee details for issues
  • VFJTM-582 Moving a test step is swapping instead of moving the step to new position
  • VFJTM-578 Vansah Board – Cannot filter test cases based on the result Passed In Progress/Failed In Progress status
  • VFJTM-572 New Jira project isn’t showing Vansah unless the user clears setting in Configuration
  • VFJTM-259 Incorrect Timestamp on Test case edit view – History
  • VFJTM-576 Test Cases cannot be bulk updated by Assignee

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