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Release -, 12th of November 2021

Get Vansah Test Management For Jira (Atlassian Marketplace)


VFJTM-442 I want to be able to link test cases into multiple issues from Vansah Board

VFJTM-428 BULK remove test cases from an ISSUE

VFJTM-563 Quick Test options for a Jira Issue

VFJTM-531 Allow clearing sprint in gadget


VFJTM-583 Environment isn’t being added to the comment

VFJTM-571 Test Execution Report Discrepancies

VFJTM-543 NaN displayed in test report gadget

VFJTM-541 When exporting test case from the Vansah board we are only exporting the first step and not the entire test steps

VFJTM-535 Gadget Vansah Summary Test Report not loading linked Test run’s issue at some point.

VFJTM-534 remove pagination at the bottom of the page in Vansah board

VFJTM-530 Linking an issue to a test step, shows 2 entries in the comments

VFJTM-528 executed test run against a case will not load when a user removes the issue from the case

VFJTM-569 A completed test run is removing the completed test scripts because someone has deleted it from the test case

VFJTM-539 Can you please also include test case revision to capture changes to Linked Issues

VFJTM-527 Linked Issues in GADGETS should not load all JIRA issues

VFJTM-488 on changing step position, sort order was impacted

VFJTM-549 Labels filter not working for some scenarios in Vansah

VFJTM-548 View Test Runs under Test Case is not showing the latest Test Runs

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