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Release -, 29th of October 2021

Get Vansah Test Management For Jira (Atlassian Marketplace)

We have recently updated Vansah to now support JIRA’s native mobile app. Yes, you can now view your test cases, and test results from Jira’s mobile app against an Issue.

DOWNLOAD JIRA’S APP and see Vansah Test Management work for your team.


JIRA Mobile Support 

  • 529 – Vansah For JIRA will now work within Jira’s native mobile app.


  • 541 – When exporting test cases from vansah board not all test case steps were being exported.
  • 539 – Test case revision now captures changes to Linked Issues against the case
  • 531 – You can now clear the selected sprint from a Testing Gadget
  • 488- When changing test step positions fixed an issue with reordering positions.
  • 532 – Test run history is now captured with version control 

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