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Release -, 14th of October 2021

Get Vansah Test Management For Jira (Atlassian Marketplace)

Official Release 1.1.30 14th of October 2021

Official release version labelled 1.1.30 submmitted to Atlassian on the 14th of October 2021.

We have introduced more Test Reporting Gadgets which appear in your Jira Dashboard (Add Gadget) by searching for Vansah. Vansah will now also appear under Jira Reports for Company Managed projects.

New/Enhanced Gadgets

Vansah Burnup Execution Report

The Test Execution Burnup report represents accumulated amount of executed tests and planned tests based on your sprint timeframe period and issues.

Vansah Daily Test Execution Report

The Daily Test Execution report displays a stacked bar chart and data table consisting of the Number of Test cases executed as Passed/Failed for each day within the test execution period. 

Vansah Test Report

Test Report provides your Overall Testing Status with detailed Execution Coverage, Pass rate and Fail rate across your Issues.

Defect Fixes 

We now have introduced a new Customer Service Desk system powered by Jira Service Management. Customers can login using their Atlassian account by registering on the portal.  

Below are a list of issues which were resolved thanks to our customers who registered to our private listing (pre Atlassian Marketplace Launch)


  • 523 Accommodate additional fields (Assigned To, Issue Status, Priority) as part of “Test Run Issues” tab of  Vansah Test Report gadget
  • 522 Completion % to be incorporated next to COMPLETED tab of Vansah Test Report gadget
  • 516 Enhance Burn up Chart can now be generated using other filters other than SPRINT
  • 513 Vansah Daily Test Execution Gadget- Establish grouping of test case execution results based on User story/Label/Component/Priority/Assigned To 
  • 507 Issue link was getting disabled from TER Gadget saying the issue has been removed
  • 502 Incorporate Label Name as part of Vansah Test Report filters
  • 498 GADGET Incorrect count on Dashboard reporting
  • 495 GADGET Actual LINE should show up until today, future date should not be plotted on the burn chart
  • 494 GADGET Dates onx-axis for TER Gadget should be in DESC order
  • 493 GADGET Ability to generate TER Gadget based on Issue Selection
  • 492 GADGET Incorrect count on Dashboard reporting
  • 499 GADGET Correction to the Calculation of completion rules for burnup
  • 496 GADGET Test execution isnt showing in the burnup chart
  • 470 GADGET HOTFIX Negative count for Outstanding test cases
  • 431 GADGET Sprint dropdown once selected can’t be unselected. It forces the user to re-configure a new gadget by deleting the existing one


  • 530 linking an issue to a test step, was displaying 2 entries in the revision comment.
  • 506 Enhancement to capture revision updates across TEST SCRIPTS, DESCRIPTION, ATTACHMENTS and Test Case Fields
  • 505 Enhancement to also include COMMENTS when someone changes Test Run Status to UNTESTED
  • 503 UX experience, user feedback, accidently removing attachments from test log when they try to click on DOWNLOAD icon
  • 345 Attachment fails if the same attachment was attached and removed earlier from the execution pop overs


  • 489 EXECUTION should be able to log a new incident even when re-executing the same test case
  • 449 EXECUTION When you re-execute a test case, logs are not created as expected

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