Planned Test Run Report Tab

Planned test Run is a structured sets of test cases arranged for systematic execution. Their main goal is to ensure all necessary test cases are carried out in an organized manner.

Each planned test is connected to a Jira issue or test folder in Vansah.

The Test Summary Report tab available for Planned Test Runs offers several advantages for software development teams, including the ability to track progress and monitor testing.

To view the Test Report from a Planned Test Run follow the steps below:

1. Open a Planned Test Run

2. Click on the Report Tab to see the overall status for Passed, Failed, Passed in progress, and Failed in progress Test Cases.

3. Find more information down below displaying the following details:

Overview: The total number of Planned, Completed, Outstanding, In Progress and Blocked Test Cases.

Fail Rate: The overall percentage and total count of Failed and Failed in Progress Test Cases.

Pass Rate: The total number of Passed and Passed in Progress Test Cases with percentage.

Coverage: The total Execution coverage of the Test Cases within the Planned Test Run.

Test Run Issues: Issues/ Bugs created or linked to the Test Cases within the Planned Test Run.

Note: You can find interactive Drilldown navigation points within the dropdown sections that allow access to more granular information from each section.

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