Planned Test Run History

Capturing all changes made during a planned test run is crucial to improve Test Management and delivery. Keeping a record of all changes made, such as associated cases, removed cases, properties changed, and test run updates, can help teams identify and resolve issues that may arise during the testing phase.

It is also important to always display the iteration number for the history of changes, which can be helpful in keeping track of the progress made during each iteration. This can be particularly helpful in a collaborative environment where multiple team members are working on the same project.

Vansah captures all changes in history relating to:

  1. Test Cases associated/linked to the Plan
  2. Test Cases removed from the Plan
  3. The Assignee for each Test Case
  4. The change made based on the Iteration of the Plan

To view the History of changes in a Planned Test Run

Open a Planned Test Run

In the top right hand corner click on More Options menu button

Click on History

Now you can see the History of Changes made to the Planned Test Run

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