Linking Test Cases to a Test Folder

Vansah Test Management for Jira allows you to link Test Cases to Test Folders. The same applies to Linking Test Cases to Jira Issues. Note: If your Test Case is in a different project you can select the Project icon to search within a different project.

Open your Jira Project

Navigate to your Vansah Testing Board by selecting Vansah from the left hand menu bar

Open the Test Repository by clicking the Right Arrow button

Now search for the Test Folder you wish to Link Test Cases to. see Searching Test Folders

Select the Test Folder

After selecting the Test Folder select Link button

You can now search for the Test Cases and apply filters to make it easier to find the Test Cases to link to your Test Folder.

Searching for Test Cases will default to the current Jira project, alternatively you may search for Test Cases across different Jira projects and link them to the Test Folder.

After selecting the Test Cases you will need to select Link button in the top right hand corner

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