Link an Issue or Test Folder to a Test Case and Execute it

Test cases can be written, specified, organized, and executed using Vansah without complicated Test Management experience . Vansah allows users to plan, design, and execute tests and generate reports. Test Cases can be created using three different test types, and can be organized using test folders within the test repository.

Vansah also allows testers to open existing Test Cases and link them to Jira Issues or Test Folders for execution within a single test process. Users can search for existing Jira Issues or create new ones and link them to the test case, allowing for greater flexibility and productivity in testing.

With Vansah, users can:

Link an existing Jira Issue to the Test Case

Create a new Jira issue and link it to the Test Case

The same process can be applied to Test Folders. Using these options, users can perform testing on the fly against any asset without having planned it prior to opening the Test Case.

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