JQL Issue Search Filters for Gadgets

You can improve the accuracy of your Vansah Gadgets by configuring them to report on Jira Issues based on JQL. Jira Query Language (JQL) is a powerful Query Language for Jira, which allows you to search for your issues in a flexible way.

By using the JQL syntax, Vansah Testing Gadgets can report in real-time, making them more precise and efficient. The biggest advantage of using JQL Search in a Testing Gadget is that the search is now dynamic instead of relying on a static list of issues that you configured as a List earlier.

Configuring your Gadget to use JQL will automatically update it based on the returned Jira Issue list every time it refreshes, ensuring that you always have the latest information.

JQL syntax can be as simple or advanced as you like. Simply follow Jira’s syntax rules to report on any number of Issues across your Instance. Example:

After completing your JQL syntax, Jira will validate its correctness by displaying a Green Tick to the left of the search, which signifies that the query is acceptable. Once you have saved this syntax in your Vansah Gadget, it will use this query to report dynamically on issues that are part of this search. This ensures that your gadgets are accurate and efficient, reporting in real-time and updating automatically based on the returned Jira Issue list every time they refresh.

How to include JQL in your Testing Gadgets?

All Vansah Testing Gadgets provide the ability to include More Filters.

  1. Open your Jira Dashboard
  2. Click Edit on the Dashboard
  3. Edit an existing Vansah Testing Gadget
  4. Click Add to include the Gadget on your Dashboard by clicking on More options menu button
  5. Click on Configure
  6. At the bottom of the Gadgets configuration look for Reporting Type and select Issue/Test Folder
  7. Now where is shows Issues(s) section select JQL from the drop down menu.
  8. Now you will see a JQL window to allow you to enter your query.
  9. Click Save

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