Issue Traceability Matrix (RTM)

The Issue Traceability Matrix (ITM or RTM) Gadget generates a requirements traceability view of your Test Cases from an Issue perspective.

To Add the Issue Traceability Matrix Gadget to your Jira Dashboard

1. Click Add a Gadget and search for “Vansah – Issue Traceability Matrix”

2. Click Add to add gadget to the Dashboard.

3. Configure your gadget. Select a Project or leave as unselected if you want to build your traceability across multiple projects.

You have the option to choose your Issue(s) Selection i.e List, Filter or JQL

Check “Include Child Issues” if you want to trace parent issues and their child issues. Otherwise, leave it as unchecked

4. Click Save to generate your Traceability Report.

Click the three dots icon to see the following options.


If you wish to export the entire Data to excel, simply click on the three dots icon and click Export. The report will be downloaded into your browser.



Configuration History

By selecting Configuration History, you will be able to view the older versions as well as the Configured Changes details. You can choose to restore previous versions using this option.

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