Introduction to Vansah Dashboard

Introducing the exhilarating new Vansah Test Management For Jira Dashboard! Designed to revolutionize your testing workflow, processes, and navigation in Vansah, it offers a simple starting point for a seamless experience.

Get ready for a burst of energy as you dive into key testing widgets that will guide you with lightning speed and efficiency. Discover Project Testing Statuses, Test Cases, Test Runs, and related Test Run Issues in a flash.

Stay on top of the game with real-time updates on the latest activities, keeping you informed every step of the way. Get ready to take your testing to new heights with the dynamic Vansah Dashboard!

Accessing the Vansah Tab in the left panel of your Jira Project opens up the Overview Tab on the Vansah Board. Next to the Overview, you can see two other tabs: Test Cases and Test Runs.

The Overview Tab is set as the default for the Vansah Board. However, If you wish to customize the displayed tabs, simply use the Configure option located next to the Test Runs tab.

You can also move the tabs to rearrange as per your preference. Simply double click the tab and move to a new position between the three tabs to reposition.

Overview Tab

Serving as the default tab, the Overview tab provides an instant view of Project insights, allowing you to see the key details at a glance. It comprises four dynamic widgets designed to provide key testing insights.

  • Project Status widget: The Project Status widget allows viewing Testing statuses based on selected filters. It offers a complete overview of Test Case Results (Untested, Passed, Failed, Passed in Progress, Failed in Progress, NA, NA in Progress, and Blocked Test Cases). Hover over the Status Indicator for summary statistics. Additionally, you can drill down into each result for more detail.

  • Test Cases widget: Explore and manage your Test Cases effortlessly, bringing clarity to your testing process.

  • Test Runs widget: Track and monitor Test Runs seamlessly, ensuring a streamlined testing workflow.

  • Test Run Issues widget: Stay on top of Issues raised during or linked to your Test Runs, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed.

  • Activity widget: On the right-hand side, the Activity widget provides a real-time feed of various testing activities within your Project.

Project Status Widget

  • Filter Test Cases by Created Date: View testing statuses based on selected filters. You can view Test Cases from last 7 days to 300 days.
  • Quick Overview: Obtain a comprehensive overview of Test Case Results, including Untested, Passed, Failed, Passed in Progress, Failed in Progress, NA, NA in Progress, and Blocked Test Cases.
  • Test Status Indicator: Hover over the Status Indicator for quick access to summary statistics.
  • Interactive Drilldowns: Drill down into each result for more detailed insights. Clicking on the Drilldowns will open up a popup window showing all Test Cases that fall under that Test Result. You can Execute Test Cases directly from the popup screen.

Below the Project Status, you will see Three widgets showcasing Test Cases, Test Runs, and Test Run Issues.

Test Cases Widget

  • Manage all Cases: View and Manage all Test Cases under the current project.
  • Add Test Cases: Click on the (+) icon to add new Test Cases on the go effortlessly.
  • Run Test Cases: Hover over the Test Cases to find the Execute button. You can Execute Test Cases using Quick Test or via Test Runs
  • Edit Headline: You can find the edit option by hovering over the Test case to edit the Headlines directly from the same screen.

Click on the total number of Test Case to view all Test Cases in a popup screen. Use this quick access feature to Sort, Prioritize, Assign or Execute Test Cases.

Test Runs Widget

  • Popover View: Click on the total Test Runs to open up all Test Runs in a Popover view. Here, you can search Test Runs by Key, Sort as per preference, as well as Edit, or/ and Execute Test Runs.
  • View Test Runs: You can view a list of all Test Runs created within the Project.
  • Tooltip: Hover over the result icon to view Tooltip for valuable information like Test Run Key, Status, Run By, Issue run against, Test Environment, Tested Date, and Time.
  • Create Test Runs: Initiate new Test Runs or Execute existing ones promptly.

Test Run Issues Widget

See all Test Run Issues: All Issues raised or linked to available Test Runs are displayed here, allowing users to open the Issue details in a new tab with a simple click.

Access details easily: Click on Total Issues on the top of the widget to open all Test Run Issues in the Issue Navigator effortlessly.

Activity Widget

The Activity widget on the right-hand side, provides a coverage of select events for all the included Test Cases, enabling users to stay informed about all relevant testing activities.

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