Add Testing Gadgets to Confluence pages

Vansah Test Management For Confluence is an extension of Vansah Test Management For Jira. This means once you have a working Vansah TM for Jira solution, you can insert any Testing Gadget from Jira Dashboard into your Confluence page.

Simply add your Vansah Gadgets to your Jira dashboards and then go to your Confluence page to insert the Gadget from the Dashboard.

The following Jira Testing Gadgets can be added within your Confluence pages.


      • Burnup Execution Report

      • Test Execution Report

      • Test Summary Report

      • Issue Traceability Matrix

      • Issue Traceability Summary

      • Test Folder Traceability Matrix

      • Test Folder Traceability Summary


    To insert your Testing Gadgets in your confluence page

        1. Go to your Confluence page
        2. Click Edit Page
        3. Click on Insert from the top menu (Otherwise within your confluence page enter /vansah to insert)


                  4. Now, type Vansah in the search box to list the existing supported Vansah Gadgets

                  5. Simply click on the Gadget of choice

      6. Select the Dashboard from your Jira workspace which contains the Gadget

      7. Now select the Gadget that appears in your Dashboard. (Recommended that you name your Gadget with something meaningful to identify it from other similar gadgets)

      8. Click Insert

      Now you will see the Gadget appear inside your Confluence page.

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