Importing Vansah Test Case Results in Jira

As a Project user, you can import Test Case Results in Jira only if you have any of the following permissions:




Supported File Type and Template

Vansah Test Case Result importer accepts CSV file types. You can download a template when importing Test Cases from Jira workspace project.

Import Templates Available:

1Import Template with no Test StepsDownload
2Import Template with Test StepsDownload

Import Process

  • Navigate to Vansah from your Jira Workspace
  • Click on Settings
  • Select Import Test Case Results.

Select the CSV File to import

Now you can map the expected fields to the columns in your CSV File. Vansah will automatically map columns it recognises.

Fields which can be Imported

  • Case Key – This is the Test Case Number used to identify the test case.  (Mandatory)
  • Tested Requirement– This is the Jira Issue Key or Test Folder Path which the Test Case was tested against. (Mandatory). Note: Jira Issue Key must contain the Project Key and Issue Number as displayed in Jira. If you are importing Test Results against Test Cases within a Test Folder you need to provide the Jira Project and Folder Path. The folder path can be copied by selecting the Test Folder which will copy the project key and folder path to your clipboard.

Example: “VFJTM/Sprint Testing/5b/”

  • Test Case Result – This is mandatory if you are not providing Test Step Results. If your Test Case has Test Steps you may choose to import a result for each Test Step. The Test Case Result value is the overall result of a Test Case
  • Environment – Provide a valid Environment name if you would like to map your Test Result against. (Optional)
  • Version – Provide a valid Jira Release name if you would like to map your Test Result against (Optional)
  • Sprint – Provide a valid Jira Sprint name if you would like to map your Test Result against (Optional)
  • The following are option fields if you wish to import Test Step Results:
    • Test Step Number – The Step/Row number in the Test Script. (i.e: 1,2,3…)
    • Test Step Result – The Result of the validated Test Step
    • Actual Test Comment – If your Test Case has Test Steps you can provide the Actual Findings as a comment for the validated Test Step.

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