Importing Test Cases

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Required Permissions

As a Project user, you can import Test Cases in your Jira project only if you have one of the following permissions.


Download Template

A CSV delimited or XLSX file is required when importing data.

Please note:  

  • Link Requirement (Issue)‘ or ‘Link Requirement (Test Folder)‘ is a column to identify which Asset you wish to Link your Test Case to when you import them in Jira. 
  • Estimated Time: should be entered in seconds
  • Created By should be your Jira Account Id (Optional) if not provided Vansah will use the Account Id for the user that Imported the file.
  • Assignee should be your Jira Account Id (Optional) if not provided then the Test Case will not be assigned to a user.
  • Test Case Key: A numeric number of full Test Case Key is to be used if you wish to retain the Test Case number. Otherwise leave empty and Vansah will create a new Test Case Key. If the Test Case exists it will not be created.
  • Case Types and Test Case Status should be configured under Vansah settings in your Jira project.

Linking Test Cases on Import

  1. A Jira Issue
  2. A Test Folder and 
  3. Other Test Cases

If you wish to Link your Test Case to multiple Requirements, simply include the Jira Issue Keys or Test Folder paths as a comma delimited inside the cell.

Example: The following will link the Test Case to your Test Folder based on the folder tree path and the two Jira Issue Keys (TD-90 and TD-87)

  • LINK REQUIREMENT (TEST FOLDER)  = e2end test plan (release)/2/, folder1/folder2/folder3/

Get Folder path of a Test Folder

1. Simply expand the Folder inside your Test Repository folder tree.

2. Click on the Folder Name to copy its path to your clipboard.

Please note: If your folder name contains a comma, you will need to enclose the entire path in quotation marks to ensure Vansah does not split the folder name. Simply enter the text as: “e2end test plan, (release)/2/”, “folder1/folder2/folder3/”


To link a Test Case to another Test Case via the import file

1. Include a new column in your import file titled “LINKED TEST CASE(S).”

2. In this column, provide the Test Case Key that you want to link to the new Test Case, along with the associated Project Key, separated by a hyphen.

For Example:

To link the new Test Case with existing Test Cases C1 and C2 from the NPT Project (Project Key: NPT), enter “NPT-C1” and “NPT-C2” in the LINKED TEST CASE(S) column, as illustrated in the image below.

Start the Import Process

  1. Log in to Jira with an administrator account or a user with “Bulk Change permission
  2. Go to Vansah >  Settings 
  3. Select Data > Import Cases
  4. Drop a file or Choose a file
  5. Click Next
  6. Map File Fields to Vansah Fields

          7. Click Next to validate all provided columns have been mapped appropriately.

          In case of any changes, a user may choose to click Back button and change the given file.

          8. Click Next to see the final Result.

          A success message will be displayed.

          8. Go back to Test Cases screen and refresh the page to see your imported Test Cases.

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