How to Restore Gadget Configuration

Gadgets play a crucial role in Test Reporting and hence, managing Gadget configurations is of paramount importance. However, configurations can be lost due to various reasons, calling for the need to restore previous versions.

To Restore a Gadget configuration, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Dashboard and enable Edit.

2. Maximise the Gadget you wish to restore.

3. Click on the Menu icon represented by the three dots.

3. Select ‘Configuration History,’ from the menu options, which will open a pop-up Configuration History window.

4. You will see the current Version displayed in the top.

5. Click on the version to see the previous versions available.

6. Select the desired version from the displayed options. You will see the configuration details for the selected version below.

7. Click the ‘Restore’ button to revert to the selected configuration.

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