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Getting Started with Vansah Intelligence (AI) Test Case generator

Vansah Intelligence is an advanced AI-powered solution, specifically designed for Jira Cloud, aimed at transforming and optimizing the process of Test Case generation within the realms of software testing. Leveraging the state-of-the-art language learning models (LLMs) developed by OpenAI, Vansah Intelligence stands at the forefront of innovation in the field of Generative AI for Software Testing. Learn More

Opt-in and Configuration

  • An organization’s Jira administrator must first opt-in to using Vansah Intelligence and enable it for your Jira site. This is done by navigating to Apps > Vansah > Configure within Jira.  See: Activate Vansah Intelligence

Vansah Intelligence can generate Test Cases directly from a Jira Issue or you may choose to manage the process from the Vansah Dashboard. 

How to generate Test Cases using AI from the Vansah Dashboard?

  • Open Vansah (From Jira Left hand menu)
  • Click on Vansah Intelligence 

  • Select Vansah Intelligence (If you do not see Vansah Intelligence it may be hidden from your view. Select it from the available Tabs.) 

  • Select an Issue to let Vansah Intelligence initiate the Analysis process
  • After selecting a Jira Issue, Click Next to continue
  • Select a Test Case Type followed by the Type of Test Script you wish to create.
  • Test Case Types are based on your Jira Project settings. You can create a new Test Case Type if required.
  • Select Next to continue
  • Select the Test Case/s to continue to the final stage of generating Test Scripts.

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