Execute a Test Case – Overview

There are several ways you can execute (run) your Test Cases in Vansah. The four main options available are listed below:

  1. From a Jira Issue
  2. From a Test Folder
  3. From a Test Case
  4. From a Planned Test

Regardless of how you decide to execute your Test Case, it is important to note you can use either Quick Test or New Test Run methods to run a Test Case.

Quick Test

Quick Test is a simple way of giving a Test Result for a Test Case without having to open the Test Case and running all the associated Test Steps/Script. To execute using Quick Test you first need to enable the Quick Test option in your Vansah Jira project settings. By default Quick Test comes enabled for all Jira projects.

New Test Run

New Test Run, will open the Test Case in a separate Test Execution Session allowing you to provide a Test Result for the available Test Steps. If your Test Case does not have any Test Steps then you will notice the ability to add your Test Comments and Result against the Test.

A Test Case which has steps will need to have each Test Step updated with a Result. You can provide an Actual Result for each Step.

To include an Actual Result click into the text area to enable the editor.

For more options such as Linking a New or Existing defect to the step you can do this by clicking on the Cog button below the Result menu.

From this screen you will be able to include an Actual Result, Link existing or create a new Issue, Attach Files

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