Execute a Test Case from a Test Folder

  1. Open your Jira Project
  2. Navigate to your Vansah Testing Board by selecting Vansah from the left hand menu bar

Open the Test Repository by clicking the Right Arrow button

3. Now search for the Test Folder that contains the Test Case/s you wish to execute.

4. Select a Test Folder. All the Test Cases within the selected folder will appear in the test grid.

5. Hover the cursor over a Test Case and click the Execute button

If the Test Case was executed previously you will see an option to Edit the Test Run. Selecting this will open the last executed Test Run

5. Select New Test Run to execute a new Test Session.

Alternatively you can provide a Quick Test Result

Execute a Test Case directly from the Test Repository

  1. Hover the cursor over the Test Case to see the Execute button.
  2. Clock the Execute button to see a pop-up window with a choice to Execute the Test Case from a Linked Jira Issue or a Test Folder.
  3. Select ‘Folder’ under ‘Select Linked’ options and choose the required test run properties.

4. Select the required Folder and click Execute. You will see options for Quick Test along with Execute option.

Selecting Execute option will open up a new Test Run in a new tab.

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